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Woman Holding Cigarette


An effective, successful method to stop smoking is through hypnotherapy. People who have smoked or chewed tobacco) for many years can be a non-smoker in just one 2.5 hour session.


The original smoking experience may not be consciously recalled by the client. In hypnosis, it is accessible and can be used to resolve the underlying issue that caused the individual to smoke in the first place.  More importantly, in the hypnosis session, the client is informed of the chemicals, poisons and other elements within cigarettes, and how fast their body can detox from the effects is also discussed in the session. 


Suggestions for being a non-smoker, one day at a time, are given while in hypnosis to help ensure the subconscious mind receives the message.  All clients learn self-hypnosis for greater control as they let go of their smoking habit.

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