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Telehealth Hypnotherapy session:  at the initial time of the meeting, we take down the information and we talk about what your issue is and how I can best help you.

Once that information is complete, we can start the hypnotherapy session from your home or office, or anywhere you would like that is peaceful and quiet.

For your safety and convenience, Telehealth Hypnotherapy sessions are conducted via Phone, Google Meet, Facetime, or ZOOM...

During the session, suggestions are made for improvement and change. If another session is necessary we will schedule it at that time.

Payment is made through Square by debit or credit card at the end of the session. A receipt for the fee can be emailed.


Sessions usually last about an hour, except for smoking cessation which is two and a half hours, if it runs a little longer on either type of session there is no extra charge We want your success 

On a Video Call
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