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Hypnosis can help with managing your weight. We do not call this "weight loss" due to the fact that your subconscious mind does not like the idea of "losing" anything.

Instead, with Weight Management, we give the subconscious mind, a more palatable outlook on reducing your weight and gaining better heath. Normally, the Weight Management program is three sessions.


  • In the first session, the client's individual situation is examined. What is believed consciously can be totally different than what is known subconsciously in relation to weight.

    • The client learns both hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

    • Regression work is used to go to the root cause of the weight issue  and it is released.

    • Critical food issues are assessed; what the client eats that are the wrong foods as well as what the right foods and right habits should be.

  • In the second session, the client goes on a metaphorical journey of 'taking off the layers of weight' one day at a time, and exercise is encouraged.

  • In the third session, timeline therapy is introduced for Weight Management goal setting. Timeline therapy is a powerful tool for visualizing the daily and up-to monthly goals for reducing weight.

Checking Weight
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