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Now available in-person and on-line!

You can discover a new, rewarding career by becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt). This innovative program is designed to give the participants a working understanding of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The ONLINE hypnotherapy certification classes I conduct from Germantown, MD, are practical and down-to-earth, concentrating heavily on the how-to-do-it aspects. By means of supervised practice sessions, you will be trained to actually produce the hypnotic state and use it skillfully and effectively to deliver positive suggestions, helping the client resolve issues, like the best way to stop smoking or just find a natural stress relief for daily life strains, and promote positive change.  




In Module I of the certification course, you will learn the following: History of hypnosis and its evolution, how to hypnotize; how to teach self-hypnosis; how to properly explain hypnosis; how to establish rapport; factors that influence suggestibility to Hypnosis; suggestibility tests; discussion of group hypnosis techniques; dehypnotization; authoritarian and permissive induction techniques; rapid induction techniques (Elman); posthypnotic suggestions; deepening techniques; hypnotherapy for fears and phobias; hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, stress reduction, weight loss, memory improvement, learning, public speaking, stage fright, confidence, selling, relaxation, working with children, and much more. Scripts for hypnosis techniques are provided and discussed.




During Module II, students learn how to interview clients, develop office procedures and build effective client rapport, advanced induction techniques, imagery, metaphors, anchoring, hypnotherapeutic modalities, goal setting. Licenses and additional certifications, malpractice insurance are discussed. Students learn how to use advanced hypnotherapeutic techniques such as regression therapy, parts regression therapy, individual and group past life regressions, phobias, forensic hypnosis, and pain management. Techniques including Conference Room Technique, Inner Child Process, running the incident, and much more are reviewed and practiced.


Training is in preparation for the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH). certification as a Certified Consulting Hypnotist. Classes are taught in 2-day blocks, on weekends. (In addition, students are expected to read the required texts for a total of 50 hours (or more) of independent study/homework/research. Class size is limited to 2-8 students so that each student receives individual attention and coaching during the class.


Marcia Proctor Hypnotherapy is a Certified School of Hypnotherapy for the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).


The Certification Training Course is $1,895.00. Payment plans are available.

Additionally, business essentials is covered - information on setting up a hypnotherapy practice is discussed, and sample forms are provided, including information, intake, release, invoice forms, business letters, and more. Information on creating brochures, business cards, and web sites is provided. Communication with medical professionals for referrals is examined. Malpractice insurance information, marketing techniques, and advertising samples are provided.


Concentration is placed on delivering inductions, effective suggestions, and effectively bringing the client out of hypnosis. Emphasis is given on tonality, pacing, and establishing rapport with the client. Ericksonian techniques are examined, including the Milton Model, metaphors, binds, and Introduction to NLP techniques. Time Line Therapy is studied and experienced. The student will be expected to get a client into hypnosis through a variety of induction techniques, give therapeutic suggestions, depending on the issue presented, and bring a session to a successful positive conclusion. Practice in script writing, and building on tailoring the script to the individual. Preparation for the IMDHA Certification Exam is reviewed.


Working with clients with special issues, such as dental phobias, sports issues, and medical issues and how to help the clients are also discussed.


Recommended Readings

The readings are integral to training, and will be discussed in class                                           

  • Hypnotherapy - Dave Elman                                 

  • The Art of Hypnotherapy - Roy Hunter                                    

  • The New Hypnotherapy Handbook: Hypnosis and Mind/Body Healing  - Kevin Hogan and Kathy Hume Gray  

  • Also recommended:

    • Hypnotherapy Scripts A Neo-Ericksonian Approach to Persuasive Healing 2nd Edition by Ronald A. Havens and Catherine Walters (Hardcover - Aug. 30, 2002)

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