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You know that your brain is very powerful
and that all sensory stimulation 
is interpreted in the brain.
If you stub your foot,
if you smell a flower,
if you eat a piece of candy,
it is all interpreted in your brain.
Your brain has the ability to remember a sensation.
Your brain can recall the smell of a flower or perfume,
Your brain can recall the taste of a particular food.
And you can begin to recall the taste of (favorite food).
(Whatever that is, you would know by now)
Now, imagine intensifying that flavor....
Consider how strong the flavor of a condensed soup is,
How intense the flavor of concentrated orange juice is,
and intensify the flavor of (favorite food) 
in the same way in your mind.
Make it stronger... wonderfully stronger.
Take the time to let this happen in your mind.
Your brain can do this.
You might recall the first time you ate (favorite food).
You might recall the last time you ate it,
Letting that instance become very real
In your memory.

You might feel your mouth begin to water
as you can recall the taste in your mind.
Now, consider that since you have 
the ability to intensify
the flavor of a bite of food,
How easy will it be
for you to do that
The next time you have a bite of (favorite food)?
Since your brain knows that flavor,
Intensifies that flavor,
You can hold on to that flavor
for as long as you like.
And since all of the flavor is interpreted
by your brain, in your brain,
In the first few bites,
That's enough to send that signal to your brain.
Your brain already knows the flavor, 
And you can let it work for you.
After a bit, you will find that the flavor of
additional bites will not be as intense,
may not be as pleasurable to you
As the first few bites of (food) were.
The intensity of flavor will wear off.
You want to enjoy the taste as long as possible.
So, it would be fine for you
to really truly savor the first bites of
whatever you wish to eat,
and when the intensity of flavor drops off
After the first few bites,
Then it is time to stop, push it away
because your brain already knows the taste.
you've had enough for now.
And it is fine for you to know
That you have the control,
And why waste your time
On flavors that are not as good, less intense.
The first few bites is where the flavor is.
So when you chose to have a few bites
Of (favorite food), you can really savor, 
Really enjoy that (favorite food)
Knowing that just a few bites is enough,
And that you can just turn up that flavor
And let it last with you
So that you are satisfied with
The few bites you need
For taste.

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