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My name is Marcia Proctor and I am a certified hypnotherapist serving the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area and beyond in-office or from Home via Tele-consult. I received my initial certification in April 1997, and I'm currently certified by


  • The National Guild of Hypnotists

  • The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

  • Association for Professional Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


I have additional certifications in Emergency Pain Management. I'm also a Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor, teaching students how to become a hypnotherapist. 


I offer day, evening, and weekend hours. For more information, click to send an E-Mail at

How Many Hypnotherapy Sessions are Necessary?

For most people, depending on the issue, only a few sessions are all that is necessary to effect change. Some issues may require additional sessions. Since hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind rather than the conscious mind, change is effected at a far deeper level. Change is thereby rapid and does not require many, therapeutic sessions.

Furthermore, if you have a Doctor's referral, we can help you cope with many Medical conditions.


Certified  Hypnotherapist in Germantown, MD

serving Maryland, northern Virginia, and Washington DC​ in-office or from Home via TeleHealth 



Certified Hypnotist Training available Now!


 What is Hypnotherapy?

One definition of hypnotherapy is using hypnosis in a therapeutic environment to help clients to effect a meaningful change in their lives. While it might resemble sleep, hypnosis is not sleeping or relaxation, but it does create a state of deep relaxation and heightened, focused awareness in which mental stress and physical tension are greatly reduced and the subconscious mind can accept suggestions for change. In hypnosis, the mind is more receptive to the process of change. The hypnotherapist and client work together as a team to achieve the goal of resolving the client's specific needs.


Is Hypnosis Right for Everyone?

Good mental health is critical in these trying times. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be effectively used for many purposes. It's ideal for natural stress relief or stress management, or to assist with goal setting, school performance, sports enhancement, pain management, self-esteem issues, fears associated with public speaking and phobias, some dysfunctional issues, past lives, and other regressions. Quit smoking hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy for weight loss are very successful.  


Pre-hospital hypnotherapy can help prepare patients for hospital visits, reducing their anxiety. Before scheduling hypnotherapy sessions for medical issues, it is strongly recommended to consult a physician.


Some people are leery of hypnosis. Why? Mainly because they have a set of expectations they have received from what they've seen on TV or in the movies. They think they will bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken. Or, they think that the hypnotist will gain some mysterious control over them or learn their deepest dark secrets. Not so! If you want to know what hypnosis is really about, click on the Hypnosis link at the top of the screen. It's a good informative piece explaining what hypnosis feels like.


Actually, being in hypnosis gives you a strong sense of well-being and vitality, and you can expect to come out of trance feeling wonderful.



Testimonials and Correspondence from Former Clients

"Marcia Proctor's services are worth every penny, and she's more than worth the trip to either of her Maryland offices. She will 'put your life in your hands', and help you help yourself like no other person can. She has been a premier hypnotherapist for years, and is also in the Hypnosis Hall of Fame"

- Mark Barrus, Director Healthy Life Centers.

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