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Hypnosis: How You Can Become a Non-Smoker- Permanently!

Have you tried to stop smoking and found that the pills and the patches don't work?

A far more effective, successful method to stop smoking is through hypnotherapy. People who have smoked (or chewed) for many years can be a non-smoker in just one 2-1/2 hour session.

The original smoking experience may not be consciously recalled. In hypnosis, it is accessible and can be resolved. More importantly, in the hypnosis session, information on the chemicals and other elements in a cigarette, and how fast you can detox from cigarettes is also discussed. Suggestions for being a non-smoker, one day at a time, are given. All clients learn self-hypnosis for greater control as they let go of their smoking habit.

One of the techniques that is highly effective in smoking cessation is regression work. In hypnosis, the client is regressed to their very first cigarette. (This is stored I the subconscious mind.) They relive the first cigarette, and the circumstances surrounding the experience. We talk about how the cigarette was obtained and from whom. We talk about that person and are they part of the client’s life. Usually the answer is No. Then I ask, why are you still trying to impress them by being as cool as them by smoking? (Sometimes the person has died or is ill from c

igarettes after so many years of smoking.) It is at that moment that the client starts to become a non-smoker. There is more, of course, but that is when the change to becoming a non-smoker starts.

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