Hypnosis and How it Can Help with Public Speaking

Public speaking, whether business presentations, orals, or meetings can cause great anxiety, fears, and phobias. ​ Through hypnotherapy, the initial source of the fears can be uncovered and resolved. New methodologies and techniques can be learned, and through the use of self-hypnosis, the presentation situation can be far easier than previously experienced. In the initial session, you will complete a form or two that helps the hypnotherapist to understand why you have come for hypnotherapy. Then you and the hypnotherapist discuss the issues that brought you, and what you hope to achieve. Any misconceptions or concerns that you may have about hypnosis and the therapeutic process are examined

Hypnotherapy Via Telephone

I've been asked if a hypnosis session can be done over the phone. The Individual calling did not live near a hypnotist/hypnotherapist and needed help. He wanted to know if I could work with him and what would be involved. The answer is yes, I can work with someone over the phone; I've done it many times. To do a phone session, the person's phone should either have a speaker or if it's a cell phone, has headphones so that he doesn't have to hold the phone to his ear. There should be privacy and a comfortable chair or couch. The client does not pay for the call; I call them. Depending on the individual's issue, I send him paperwork by email or regular mail ahead of time that would be relev

Hypnosis: How You Can Become a Non-Smoker- Permanently!

Have you tried to stop smoking and found that the pills and the patches don't work? A far more effective, successful method to stop smoking is through hypnotherapy. People who have smoked (or chewed) for many years can be a non-smoker in just one 2-1/2 hour session. The original smoking experience may not be consciously recalled. In hypnosis, it is accessible and can be resolved. More importantly, in the hypnosis session, information on the chemicals and other elements in a cigarette, and how fast you can detox from cigarettes is also discussed. Suggestions for being a non-smoker, one day at a time, are given. All clients learn self-hypnosis for greater control as they let go of their smo

Is Hypnosis Real?

From time to time I am asked, “Is hypnosis real?” It is an interesting question for many reasons. The individual may think hypnosis is like what he reads in a novel or sees on television. He may have attended a stage hypnosis show, and while it is fun, he would not want to act that way. More than once, I have been asked, “Will you make me bark like a dog?” Those concerns are important to the individual, but do not occur in a therapeutic hypnosis session. In a hypnosis session, the conscious mind is relaxed or distracted, and the subconscious mind becomes more to the forefront. The conscious mind is the "what if” worrier part of the mind. It is the ‘awake’ part of the mind that is reading thi

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