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Certified Hypnotist Training Virtual Now!

That is why I’ve put together this virtual Certified Hypnotist Training that is equally effective as my in-person Certified Hypnotist Training. You will also be trained to conduct Virtual Hypnosis Sessions.

The training provided by Marcia Proctor Hypnotherapy, under the auspices of the National Guild of Hypnotists, will help you provide Hypnotherapy services in-office as well as remotely over the phone, or any video conferencing platform you choose (Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet, Google Duo, Doxy, etc.,)

The virtual training will prepare you to operate as a hypnotist or certified hypnotherapist with clients all over the world.

Both the training and hypnosis sessions can be accomplished virtually.

When a hypnosis session is conducted it doesn't matter if you're three feet away in an office or if you're three thousand miles away on the phone, or in a Zoom session. You can still help people with things like smoking cessation Stress Management all the things that we would normally do in hypnotherapy can be done virtually.

This training will provide the techniques and tools you will need to know how to do that for your client . Required materials are sent from the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the readings have to be done as part of the program, but there's other intensive work that we do including voice techniques on how to help a person.

I provide training materials that will be used for particular issues such as smoking or stress.

More information you can contact Marcia Proctor Hypnotherapy at 301-947-5800

The training takes a concentrated week of training, or 5 weekends, to complete this. At the end there's an exam. Once you’ve passed the exam your information is sent to the National Field for certification

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