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Is Hypnosis Real?

From time to time I am asked, “Is hypnosis real?” It is an interesting question for many reasons. The individual may think hypnosis is like what he reads in a novel or sees on television. He may have attended a stage hypnosis show, and while it is fun, he would not want to act that way. More than once, I have been asked, “Will you make me bark like a dog?” Those concerns are important to the individual, but do not occur in a therapeutic hypnosis session.

In a hypnosis session, the conscious mind is relaxed or distracted, and the subconscious mind becomes more to the forefront. The conscious mind is the "what if” worrier part of the mind. It is the ‘awake’ part of the mind that is reading this now. The subconscious mind, sometimes called the “hidden observer”, records all life experiences and stores them. These experiences may not be recalled consciously, but form the basis for behaviors. They can be the cause of habits and phobias.

In hypnosis, when the root cause of an issue is recalled, the habit can be resolved and changed for a more positive outcome.

There have been many times when clients, coming out of hypnosis tell me, ”I haven’t thought of that for years” or "I remember it now.”

Some clients think they have never been in hypnosis.

Have you ever been watching a game and you get so involved that you are kicking an imaginary ball or some other movement?

Do you get so engrossed in reading a book that you are in the visual scene and not reading words?

Do you get emotionally involved with a movie?

Do you daydream from time to time?

In each of these situations, you are in a form of hypnosis or trance state, and it is an everyday occurrence.

In the hypnosis session, a structured trance is established to achieve positive results for issues. Clients are always in control. All clients learn self-hypnosis for future growth.

Yes, hypnosis is real.

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