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Hypnosis and How it Can Help with Public Speaking

Public speaking, whether business presentations, orals, or meetings can cause great anxiety, fears, and phobias.

Through hypnotherapy, the initial source of the fears can be uncovered and resolved. New methodologies and techniques can be learned, and through the use of self-hypnosis, the presentation situation can be far easier than previously experienced.

In the initial session, you will complete a form or two that helps the hypnotherapist to understand why you have come for hypnotherapy. Then you and the hypnotherapist discuss the issues that brought you, and what you hope to achieve. Any misconceptions or concerns that you may have about hypnosis and the therapeutic process are examined and discussed. Once that is completed, the first hypnosis session begins. You sit comfortably in a chair or recliner.

Once you are ready to go into hypnosis, the process begins, and may take a variety of forms. Most people enter a hypnotic trance in response to the spoken suggestions of the therapist. Depending on the purpose of the visit, different therapeutic techniques are used to reach the source of the issues involved. Once the issues are clearly understood, suggestions for change and resolution are given while in hypnosis. When the session is over, you are brought out of hypnosis for a discussion of your experiences while in hypnosis, and the progress you have made. All clients are taught self-hypnosis to continue their personal growth.

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